1. I Won’t Be Satisfied
  2. 2nd Hand Smoke
  3. Lullaby
  4. ABC
  5. When You Come To (Your Senses)

IS Evolution introduces its new project, 2nd Hand Smoke, a 5-song EP that probes the ins and outs of relationships, hitting pause when life becomes too much and offers a key to success.

Someone asked me, what I thought of IS Evolution….

"What comes to mind is; Professional, they always do it right and they’re very easy to work with. Original and Soulful with an Edge, there’s no one else out there doing what they do, and I see a couple hundred bands a year. In addition to having a Killer voice, Inohs has a beautiful Spirit that makes her original songs shine! It’s impossible to stay in your seat! Truly!"

Cliff Gracey
Stage Manager – R&B/Jazz Stages
Jonathan Witz & Associates

Arts Beats & Eats Festival, Royal Oak, MI for 16 years | River Days Festival, Detroit MI for 13 years | Winter Blast Festival, Detroit MI for 8 years